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What We Offer

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At Alpha Women's Wellness, we are happy to offer a variety of services to help improve your health over time. These range from a variety of programs and monitoring to in-depth testing offered in our office.

Our Additional


Continuous Glucose Monitor 3 Month Program

With Continuous Glucose Monitoring, you will be well on your way to fat loss, increased tone, improved sleep and mental focus, decreased fatigue episodes and much more! Discover how your body responds to what you eat, and make small changes to hit your health goals. 

This package includes an initial 60 minute visit, 5 follow up visits, a certified nutritionist consult, a book, along with the continuous glucose monitor. 


DUTCH Hormone Testing through Precision Analytical

Comprehensive Functional Hormone Testing. Precision Analytical is dedicated to helping patients and their healthcare providers find answers to complex clinical questions. Our unique hormone testing and reporting methods create better tools for healthcare providers to explore hormone issues with their patients. We are fully committed to profoundly changing lives through functional hormone testing.


Additional Labs Offered
*May be applied to insurance

Conventional labs are offered through Quest or CPL and can also be applied through your insurance.


Genova Diagnostics - Gut Health and Nutritional Evaluation

Testing for the Root Cause.

With Genova Diagnostics, we are able to deep dive into gut health and nutritional evaluation to better personalize your care.

There are many ways the body can fall out of balance. Genova testing looks at clinical data that relates to gut health, nutrition, your immune function, the endocrine system, and genomics to identify underlying causes of chronic health issues and barriers to optimal wellness.

Insurance may cover a portion of these services. 


Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapies are now available! We offer medical weight loss, improved gut health, performance gains, improved energy, and sexual and cognitive help through different peptides. Find out if you qualify!


Need help?

Trying to decide what is best for your healthcare goals? Schedule a 10 minute consultation with Meagan here and together we can come up with your best plan of care!

Meagan is wonderful! I have been on the search for a women’s wellness provider for 7 years, and I finally found someone who helped me feel comfortable and valued! She truly has a passion for what she does and I’m glad to receive her knowledge. J. P.

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