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Alpha Women's Wellness Started with a Dream...

Welcome to  Alpha Women's Wellness in Argyle, TX; I'm Meagan Alpha. With a foundation built on over 18 years of Women's Services and over a decade as a Nurse Practitioner, I wanted more for women's healthcare. Starting with a dream to create a healthcare experience that feels more like a heart-to-heart, Alpha Women's Wellness | Women's Health and Wellness was born out of my frustration with the conventional, impersonal medical system. I wanted a place that goes beyond treating symptoms but focuses on understanding and addressing the root causes of health issues.

The journey from dream to reality has expanded our scope to include not only women's health but also pediatrics and family, with more exciting expansions on the horizon. At Alpha Women's Wellness, we are a balance between Western and functional medicine. We're dedicated to providing a caring and transformative healthcare experience, whether you visit us in person or connect online from anywhere in Texas. Join us in embracing a different approach to healthcare, where our dream of making a real difference in health and wellness is now a vibrant reality.

Crafting Healthier Futures
with a Touch of Tradition and a
Dose of Science

Women's Health

At Alpha Women's Wellness, we believe in a unique blend of functional approaches for women, combining time-honored traditions with cutting-edge medical science. We understand that every person's journey to health is personal, so we integrate holistic methods and modern medicine to create personalized care plans.  Our approach respects the wisdom of traditional practices while embracing the effectiveness of contemporary medical advancements, ensuring that our patients receive comprehensive, compassionate, and effective care tailored to their individual needs.  Crafting healthier futures for women and children, we bring the best of both works to the forefront of healthcare.

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Women's Care
Three Generations

Women's Care

Functional Medicine​

Hormonal Management

Peri-Menopause | Menopause

Gut Health

​PCOS Care

Gynecologic Care | ​Well Woman Care​

​Young Adult Health

Pediatric Health

Newborn - 18 years

Alpha Women's Wellness offers integrative pediatric care, addressing underlying health issues rather than temporary fixes.  We embrace the integrative model, empowering parents to guide their children's health journey.  We emphasize teaching children's healthy lifestyles early on.  At Alpha Women's Wellness, our Nurse Practitioner utilize Integrative medicine to complement Westernized medicine, promoting a holistic, mind-body approach with growing evidence.  It's healing-oriented and encourages family involvement, using less invasive methods.  Integrative medicine is expanding due to its safety, effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and availability, making it a valuable choice for holistic family health.

The comprehensive whole-body approach encourages healthier lifestyle decisions, benefiting the entire family's well-being.  Whether you come for general well-being or to address a specific condition, Alpha Women's Wellness will care for your children as part of our family.

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Pediatric Care

  • Newborn - 24 month

  • Toddler

  • Tweens

  • Young Adults

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Well Care

Developmental Screening

Nutrition Counseling

Adolescent Health

Meet the Team

Meagan Alpha

Meagan Alpha


Women's Wellness

Crina Henson

Crina Henson


Family Care

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“Meagan is so in-tune and hands-on when it comes to individual care. She really listened to what I was looking for when it comes to my own health and tailored a plan that was perfect for me! She's extremely knowledgeable about women's health and will walk with you every step of the way. I cannot recommend her enough.”

— S.C.


415 US-377, Suite 204

Argyle, TX 76226


P |  214.945.8551


F | 214.945.8551

*Our office operates during business hours and aims to respond to inquiries within 48 business hours. If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911 or visit your nearest emergency center. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 



Monday  | 7AM - 4PM

Tuesday  | 9AM - 5PM

Wednesday  | 7AM - 4PM

Thursday  | 9AM - 5PM

Friday | 7AM-1PM


*Same Day & After Hours Appointments available by request


          Telehealth available

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